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“Aeronautics” Hellas Division offers technological excellence in the mechanical aeronautical design, development & manufacturing based on accumulated experience.
We offers design and upgrade of airframe structures, airborne systems, pneumatics, hydraulic, fuel, electrical & electronics systems,
avionics, servo system design, engine intake and exhaust system modifications.

In addition it offers prototype and series production manufacturing facilities for U.A.V’s and light acrobatic aircraft.

Finally “Aeronautics” offers recovery and damage repair services to light and medium sized fixed and rotary wing aircraft.
These services range from small repairs within the constraints of the original manufacturer (O.E.M) repair manual of the aircraft to highly complex upgrades.

The engineering capability enables the design and development or repair schemes outside the repair manual,
upgrades and customizing to FAA and other authorities standards.

Quality Control standards ensure highest quality at minimum cost and are tailored to provide Customer satisfaction in accordance
with the applicable Airworthiness Directives and Regulations.
A cadre of highly skilled manpower at all levels continuously
produces end items of exceptionally high standards within timescales and budget constraints.

  Aeronautics Hellas  
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